Basic & Advanced Training

Puppy Training

For more information please contact Montana Murray Kennels call us directly at (406) 388 - 4789, or email us at

Behavioral Training

When we talk about BEHAVIORAL issues we need to look at the pets past, and present surroundings and ask the questions, Why does my dog behave like this? Is there a medical issue we haven't noticed? Is my family in an immediate danger? Or any other questions you may have.

Advanced Obedience

This is more of personalized class for the owner and dog but in a class room setting or private if you wish. We can work on what you want out of your dog. Think, I wish my dog would... Call for more details.

Private Training

We also offer private one on one training that is scheduled to fit YOUR day. With private training you and your dog get the all the benefits of our classes but with the convenience of working on your time schedule. You can receive puppy training or basic & advanced training in Belgrade, Bozeman and the surrounding areas. To schedule a consultation please contact us today!

Intermediate Classes

$5 per class. Intermediate classes are designed with helping you and your dog focus on the basics, but with more distractions. To be eligible to participate in this class, you must have completed the Basic Obedience Class or completed a private training with a MMK trainer. This is an impromptu class, check with MMK for more details.

Basic Obedience

This interactive hands on course is designed to get your dog started on his or her way to over all obedience. We practice the following over a 5 week time frame, heel, sit, sit-stay, down, down-stay, come, off, and leave it. All training at MMK is affection based, meaning we don't use treats to reward our dogs! Positive reinforcement when a dog does a good behavior, and PROPER correction when the dog does a negative behavior. Classes fill up fast and some of the following courses may be full. 


Parenting Styles

Thanks for the great class!! We learned a lot about our parenting styles and that praise and consistency go along way rather than yelling. We know our dog has the potential to be a great dog and look forward to some advanced classes once trigger has mastered the beginner course.

- T. and K. Grandberg 

Built Confidence

Good training especially since we didn't use any food rewards or clickers. We both (dog and I) liked to come and looked forward to it. We liked the walk around town and going to the store, good experience for dog and handler. Training helped to build confidence as a handler. Thanks - D. Dolan 

Collar Magic

At the first meeting Ron suggested we buy a special training collar. I declined, but had a difficult time trying to get my puppy to obey me. At the next lesson I bought the collar and what a difference that made! Now she obeys my command. Ron was patient with all the dogs and owners, he knows what he is doing with these 5 week classes. Thank You - J. Haukebo


I have enjoyed this class so much. Frankie has improved each week and most importantly she has respect for me and my voice. I am glad this is ‘no treats’ training. Everything you teach is very similar to how I train my horses. It was fun to see you have your daughter in class. Just further proof that it can be done by anyone. I wonder what would come next? 

- Shirley L.

Confident Dog

We began training our puppy on our own but felt that we needed some help to get it right. Ron’s methods work and it is fun. We feel very confident about how we are handling our pup and she is behaving more like a confident dog. Thanks Ron! 

- Gloria S.

Most Successful Class

I like that the training is not clicker or treat based and I have had the most success in this class of any I’ve taken. Queen even worked on leash with his regular collar at Snowfall today and is pulling much less, and sometimes not at all. I had forgot to bring the prong collar. He is listening to me more - not 100% - it’s only been 5 weeks. Thank you so much.

- Diane