Basic Obedience Training Classes

No upcoming events.

Walking Classes

Mondays - 10:00 am

Wednesdays - 9:30 am

Thursdays - 5:00 pm

Saturdays - 8:45 am

The walking classes are available to anyone that has participated in either a basic dog obedience or private obedience training session with an MMK trainer, these times are posted for current walking clients only. If you are interested in participating in a walking class consult an MMK trainer today! 


Happy Puppies

We have enjoyed every minute. Our pups are happy when we walk on aleash now that they know what we expect. You are a good teacher and keep up the good work. - S. Bayless 

Worth Every Penny

The basic obedience class was worth every penny! It was amazing to see the improvement in the dogs from week to week. Ron definitely has a gift! 

- Jenny W.

Walking Control

I have found the classes most beneficial and efficient. Most useful tool was having my dog walk close to me without pulling and having control when walking together. 

-A. Tonon 

Great Training Experience

Thanks for a great training experience with Bella. Affection based training has made a difference in our whole household especially our slightly overweight, oldest dog. I can't wait for you to meet our other dogs. My whole perspective on training has changed for the better.

- Stephanie G.

Only dog, success!

The improvement in Meg's behavior over the course of these classes has been remarkable. Because she is an "only" dog, she has had a fear of other, strange dogs. This class and the regular pack walks have helped her learn to be around other dogs without freaking out...

- Keith C.

Doggie Under Control

I really enjoyed the class. My dog is more manageable and I feel I can take him anywhere and he will be under control. The outdoor lesson was the best. All the distractions were a real test of his training. I think the world will be a safer place for him. Thanks so much! 

-G. Sullivan