When should I start obedience training?

The best time to start obedience training is the minute you get your new dog or puppy. You need to establish your pack from the get go, whether you just got an 8 week old puppy or a older dog from a rescue, your new best friend is going to be looking to you for the difference between right and wrong in his or her role in the new family. Our puppy class may be exactly what your looking for. We have training and boarding in Belgrade, Bozeman and the surrounding areas.

I can't walk my do dog without him pulling me through the neighborhood. Can you help?

YES. In our basic obedience class, on the first night of training, we will show you the tools you need in getting your dog under control. This class is called Mastering The Leash and is a great way to start a lifetime of happiness with your dog. 

My dog is very protective of us, she won't let other people or dogs get near us, we are walking her early in the morning hours, or really late at night to avoid people and dogs, can she be helped??

I like to believe all dogs have in them the ability to be socialized. With that said, any dog that has true aggression issues should be evaluated in there own social setting. Most dogs can be rehabilitated once their owners learn how to be a better pack leader, they don't want to carry the burden of being the aggressor and are happy to give up this role.