Hello, my name is Ron Murray, thank you for your interest in Montana Murray Kennels. I am a native of Montana, born and raised in Billings, where most of my family still lives to this day. I moved to the Gallatin Valley in 1991 with as many dreams as there are great fishing holes. In the summer of 2003, I was lucky enough to meet my future wife, Holly. We got married in 2004 and started our family in 2008, as of today we have three beautiful girls (Grace, Ashley, and Elizabeth) and we have been enjoying our valley ever since!

The Gallatin Valley is a unique area in Montana. We really seem to have it all here. From fishing the Madison River, skiing Bridger Bowl, taking a day hike in Yellowstone National Park, back country hiking in Big Sky, enjoying some of our many trails and walkways from Three Forks to Livingston, or just lounging and taking in the scenery, and what a better way to do all these activities than with your best, four legged friend.

I have always had a passion for dogs, but never got my first dog, Madison, until much later in life. She taught me a lot about dogs, the do's and don'ts and I miss her dearly. We lost Madison in a tragic accident, and that is when I got my second German Shepherd, Gunther. If it wasn't for him and his patience, kindness, willingness to learn, and loyalty, I would have never fallen into the incredible career that I have today. I have been training dogs since 2005 and have developed techniques that work! We teach affection based training. This is using affection for reward instead of a treat based program, let's face it, when it comes down to it, you and I want our dogs to listen to US, not for a food based reward. Now don't get us wrong, we love our treats, but you shouldn't have to give Fido a biscuit for sitting, or a cookie for coming.

Unlike most trainers, we (the MMK team) have developed what works for you and your dog, (other than standard operating procedure) but at the same time we must be willing to work with our client's and find new and exciting ways if the old true and blue doesn't work. We hope you find this site useful, whether you are a first time dog owner or just looking for something fresh and out of the ordinary. We invite you to contact us either by e-mail or calling, we guarantee that we will make time to discuss any questions you may have.

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Most Successful Class
I like that the training is not clicker or treat based and I have had the most success in this class of any I ‘ve taken. Queen even worked on leash with his regular collar at Snowfall today and is pulling much less, and sometimes not at all. I had forgot to bring the prong collar. He is listening to me more - not 100% - it’s only been 5 weeks. Thank you so much.
- Diane

Doggie Under Control
I really enjoyed the class. My dog is more manageable and I feel I can take him anywhere and he will be under control. The outdoor lesson was the best. All the distractions were a real test of his training. I think the world will be a safer place for him. Thanks so much!
-G. Sullivan

So Proud
It is a wonderful feeling to be proud of our dog. Thank you very much!!
- T. and K. Grandberg

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